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After the September ‘holiday’ many find themselves in an overworked slump. With essays and predicate tests bearing down on us, and exams looming in the distance, it may be difficult to catch a breather and find motivation to pull through the week. The best way to beat this slump and get the blood flowing is by dancing along to your favourite rock songs.

This Saturday evening, 22 September 2018, is the perfect opportunity to do just that as it marks the fourth annual Blood Brothers in Cape Town. Here some of South Africa’s rock legends will come together on one stage to rock out against cancer.

Blood Brothers is in support the Vrede Foundation which aims to create awareness about cancer amongst the youth of South Africa, and raise funds for those who have cancer.

The bill includes previous members such as Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel), Hanu De Jong (The Narrow and Not My Dog), Jason Oosthuizen (Lost&Found), Jaco Mans (Coelacanth and Ex Tidal Waves) and Chris Van Der Walt (The Black Cat Bones, Boargazm and Vulvodynia). These rock ’n rollers are joined by Laudo Liebenberg (aKing), Ard Matthews (Just Jinjer), Jedd Kossew (Van Coke Kartel) and the woman who’s the glue that keeps it all together – Adelle Nqeto.

Not impressed yet? Well, there’s more. Not only will the phenomenal rock band, The Hellcats, open for the show, but members Allesandro Benigno and Warwick Rautenbach will also be joining this super group and rock out at Blood Brothers. Tying everything up with a neat bow is non other than writing icon Hunter Kennedy.

Kennedy is also the mastermind behind the lyrics for the #BB2018 official song ‘Always on my mind’. This single will ensure that the campaign continues onto your playlist and does not fade away when the show is over. To get you excited for the festivities this weekend, and into the feel of this year’s campaign, you can check out the video for the single, with its colourful grunge imagery, at this link:

PHOTO: Supplied

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