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Courtney Williams

SecondNature is a project started by South African music producers Sebastian Kühne & Emil de Beer.

The SecondNature sound is accustomed to a combination of aggressive basslines and driving drum work in their genre of club focused, Avant-Garde Electronic music. They have enveloped themselves in underground electronic music production and have perfected their craft as a high-energy act.

The true focus is to incorporate their personalities in their work, ranging from content to music. Constantly exploring, curating and creating new sounds comes naturally to SecondNature.

The name SecondNature stems from the premise of two concepts. Firstly, positioning themselves right in the middle of the more Avant-Garde soundscapes could be almost habitual. Secondly, the artist believe it is their second shot at electronic music, therefore birthing the concept that is SecondNature.

The duo met in 2014 through Equal Records in Stellenbosch, which was run by two very talented DJ’s and producers Drey and Case. At the time Sebastian was busy working under the alias Get Human while Emil was producing under Basik. Sebastian was producing what he explains as future house while Emil was going for a more laid-back house style.

“We always talked about a potential duo, which we finally decided to make a reality in late 2016.”

The duo has been together for about a year and a half now and has released a number of tracks off different labels which are all available on Beatport and then all independent releases, available on SoundCloud. Apart from their normal, as Sebastian phrases it, “not so interesting day jobs”, they run an events and media company called Quartus Collective with two of their mates who themselves are in a duo called Venture.

Under the brand, Quartus Collective, they run three different events at the moment. Naïveté which they host at Mødular, showcasing techno, Venture Creations, which brings the more Brazilian style of techno, and Parliament which is a multi-genre event to just spice things up, held at Fiction. They also work with the Magnifique brand in Stellenbosch, who are doing some innovative events, run by their manager Dane Hong.

Influenced by the likes of Enrico Sangiuliano, Hatzler, SAMA and Hot Since 82, SecondNature would love to make their mark on the South African Techno scene but going overseas to Amsterdam or Berlin is also something they want to do.

“A slot at Awakenings would be pretty much life changing.”

The defining moment for the dynamic duo was when they “were selected in the Top 25 electronic artists under 25 in the country by MyCityByNight,” Sebastian said. “At the time we weren’t very
relevant and we were so busy with music we completely forgot about making ourselves present in other ways, but when we were selected we realized that our potential is seen by big players in the scene and that paved a pretty good foundation for future shows.”

Check them out on Facebook (wearesecondnature) or on Instagram @wearesecondnature to find upcoming events and tours to look out for.

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