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Ingrid Heÿdenrÿch

Five students from Stellenbosch University (SU) were arrested Monday night after the Varsity Cup finals. Lieutenant Colonel René Matthee confirmed to Die Matie that five students were arrested on 16 April 2018, for theft of signs at Varsity Cup.

When first enquiring if any of the students that were arrested were Huis Marais students, Ben-Louis Kriel, prim of Huis Marais, denied that residents of Huis Marais were arrested. However, he confirmed later on Tuesday that one of the arrested students was from Huis Marais.

“The necessary disciplinary process will be followed,” he said.

Two of the other arrested students were from Helshoogte. Frederik van Dyk, prim of Helshoogte, said that more information regarding the arrests will be gathered before any steps are taken, if there will be.

The signs that were stolen are alledgedly FNB and Steers signs that were used at Varsity Cup. The students who were arrested spent the night in a jail cell.

Lieutenant Colonel Matthee said that all five were released on 17 April 2018 “on a warning to appear in court.” It is not yet known if the students will appear in court and when the court dates will be.

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