To credit or not to credit?

Janique Oliver

Through general conversation it was revealed that credit is given selectively and on many occassions this does not include any certification with regards to separate computer based program qualifications.

The one compulsory first year module, Information Skills, is based on a compilation of computer skills every student would need to ensure a successful and productive 3+ years of studying.

However, if you are starting off university with previous experience, tertiary or other, would it not be fair to be exempted from this module? Is tertiary education in the form of a seemingly unknown or ‘not as popular’ college then frowned upon?

Whether you have received a diploma or international recognition for Microsoft Office or not, you fall into the same category of a first year attending Information Skills classes. Now, one cannot simply be amused nor enthused in any sense of the word when several years worth of Microsoft skills are disregarded.

Surely, I’m being unreasonable and can force myself to pretend to understand their stance and why I need this.
An explanation for why NQF level 5 does not make the cut would be greatly appreciated.

I’m left somewhat frustrated at this stance given by the university that credit from tertiary institutions that happen to not be a university could not be credited.

Why are there not plan B or C options in place for this? Not all students go to university straight after matric, and a select few will first attend a college, whether for academic, financial or other reasons.

Does this mean that for all courses completed outside of the university boundary there will never be an alternative route to take?

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