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Willow-Ruby van der Berg

Terrace decided to temporarily move upstairs to the old Tollies location due to Cubana’s renovations that are pushing forward.

Cubana started with their renovations in June 2017 and hit a few problems with their plans and
the aesthetic council, who did not approve their plans resulting in a halt in construction and a wait for plans to
be approved.

Terrace were told that Cubana would be up and running in January 2018, before students came back and before the start of the academic year, but this was however not the case.

“Cubana erected boards outside the building sight which cut off our street visibility, making Terrace
completely hidden in the corner. Being shut away from the street view hasn’t been ideal and it impacted the business negatively, since the boards prevented people from seeing that Terrace is open.’

“We could not see the renovations being finished any time soon and Cubana could not give us a due date, so we made a decision with the landlord’s consent to temporarily vacate the old terrace spot and move upstairs to Tollies while the construction downstairs continues,” stated the Julian Veermeer, the manager of Terrace

Terrace is trying to make the best of the situation with Veermeer explaining that they are trying to make
the atmosphere upstairs as good as possible.

They have invited various high profile Cape Town based DJ’s, such as Timo ODV, to perform after the Easter

Wednesday evenings at Terrace will predominantly encompass a techno and deep house feel while Fridays and Saturday evenings will showcase pop and more commercially
successful music.

This will allow Terrace to cater to as many people’s party needs as possible.

Terrace’s new temporary location above Tin Roof and Stones also has a larger dance floor providing the students of Stellenbosch with plenty of space to party until construction of Cuban’s new venue is complete and ready to launch.

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