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Gizellede Götz

As a 22 year old single female, it might be obvious that I am not a major fan of Valentine’s Day.

There is nothing worse than waking up on Valentine’s Day, not remembering it is Valentine’s Day and then remembering it is Valentine’s Day. It is then when you start the mental battle of preparation for the day ahead.

The one thing that I struggle with the most is the tacky gifts which I sincerely hope no one buys for their loved ones.
Arriving on campus initiates the jealous judgement. If you walk around campus carrying flowers that your boyfriend gave you after he serenaded you at your res, get ready to be judged by every single girl.

I truly do not understand why it is necessary for girls in relationships to parade their gifts, like they are intentionally trying to point out how sad and lonely my life is on this specific day.

After the judgement, it is time to prepare for the night of loneliness ahead. It is here where we move to the sweets and ice cream isle in Checkers (because who has money to shop at Woolies?).

After the comfort food is locked down, the romantic comedies are downloaded, because like listening o sad music when being sad, us singlefolk like to emphasise our desire for love by watching a display of love between two ridiculously attractive Hollywood actors.

Single people, let’s rejoice in our lonely nights this year. I choose to be proud of my annual lonely night, because even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I know that my lonely night will be there for me every year.

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