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Gizellede Götz

SRC Chairperson, Lwando Nkamisa, might juggle his current Chairperson position with another position as the
Democratic Alliance Youth. Nkamisa is running for the Chairperson position of the Western Region of the Western Cape, as announced on his Facebook page on 13 February.

Time management, according to Nkamisa who is already juggling his SRC chairperson duties and his Masters degree in Agricultural Economics, will not be a problem.

“The people of the DA have their own lives and are working, so most of the activities happen over the weekend,” he said.

Nkamisa who was also the previous DASO chairperson before his SRC election believes that his close connection to the DA is an advantage as the DA is the governing party of the Western Cape.

“With the Cubanna shootings I was able to communicate directly with the Mayor’s office due to my affiliation with the DA,” he said.

According to Nkamisa his SRC duties and his DA duties, if he would be elected, would not be in conflict, but would help each other. According to him, even though the DA policies will not dictate his decsions as SRC chair, they will not necessarily be in conflict as according to statistics the majority of SU students are DA voters.

“You must undertand, that based on the local government elections, the majority of the students on campus are
DA supporters.”

Nkamisa also said “if I was taking a direct mandate from the DA, it would not be contradicting the views of students on campus.”

Nkamisa also emphasized that the DA has no impact on his running of the SRC. The elections will be held to run one of the three sections of the Western Cape.

He believes that these positions will compliment each other. He said that people must remember that it is possible to be a public representative, as well as be in an appointed position.

Photo: Henk Oets

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