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Attention all fans of South-African rap: a former Matie is fast becoming well-known in the Hip Hop genre.

Originally hailing from Zimbabwe, Liberty Bwanali has chosen Stellenbosch as his base after travelling through South Africa and trying out different fields of work.

Before making his debut, Liberty did an IT-course and worked at the Arizona Spur in Eikestad Mall.

Although he was accepted as a student to study at Stellenbosch University and started attending classes in January 2010, he decided to cancel his studies in order to pursue his dream of making music and becoming a star.

Artists that inspire Liberty range from Dolly Parton to Bob Marley and ALT-J.

He started writing down his travelling experiences at the age of 17 and later started combining these with beats. He still writes all of his lyrics himself and says, “even when I talk it’s almost like a song”.

Liberty currently runs an IT-repairs shop in Stellenbosch and his next goal is to set up “a music Studio / Academy
in Stellenbosch” in which he wants to “create some of the yet to be heard amazing sounds of African people”.

Liberty is scheduled to perform at the Bob Marley concert in Saldanha Bay and will be taking part in and hosting the Art and Music nights at the GUS Gallery (Stellenbosch University Art Gallery) in March, April and in May.

Liberty has toured Switzerland and Germany and is now releasing his newest single “Don’t Matter” featuring Mawanda Faniso and Phil Clee. The single is featured on his newest album CMPLMP 2018.

The music video is available on YouTube and you can listen to the track on Spotify.

Support Liberty and his music by purchasing it on DIZZER and iTunes. The track will become available on Tidal and Google Music as well. For more information visit

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