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Luke Smith

Over the last several months Stellenbosch University (SU) has sent out regular emails regarding phishing attacks being made via a SU email address.

Phishing refers to an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames and passwords by disguising as a trustworthy entity, in this case a sun email address, in a digital form.

Regular emails are sent from SU explaining “the University will never ask you to send username or password via plain text email. An email with the subject “ITS service desk” was sent out to various students within the university.

The email contained a malicious link, which was deactivated by the University later on 0 February 2018.

Another email from Stellenbosch University was delivered to students on 5 February 2018 regarding another incident happening earlier that day. SU continues to remind students to be aware of suspicious emails and to continue to check legitimacy of mail with the IT services desk via a phonecall.

SU IT services said they are actively blocking addresses that were launching the attacks. They were unable to comment on potential future attacks.

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