SU student creates new social media platform

Kara van der Berg

Unorthodox is a new social media platform that allows users to witness the life of someone else.

This new social media website was recently launched by Siviwe Mgolodela, a Bcom Management Science student at Stellenbosch University (SU).

Mgolodela describes it as “a unique platform where users can witness the world through the eyes of someone else in a candid and authentic manner”.

The social network’s format is similar to that of Twitter in that people post short messages.

What makes it unique compared to other social networks is that users remain anonymous.

“My intention is to free people to be their authentic selves,” Mgolodela said.

Mgolodela felt that the best way to make this intention a reality was through a social network.

“We live in a culture that values social media, which is why I chose to get my message across through social media.”

The website’s intention also served as inspiration for the name:

“The name came from the message I was trying to get out to the world – that it is okay to think and feel different or unconventionally. Essentially it is okay to be unorthodox.”

As a BCom student, Mgolodela was not skilled in computer programming or web development to develop the website himself. He employed a web developer, Klensch Lucas, to make the vision a reality.

The website has already generated interest from across South Africa and Mgolodela hopes to build on this initial momentum.

The website will generate profit through advertisements once it has a large enough following.

Mgolodela is currently in the process of developing an app that will be available on the Google Play store.

Although various well-established social networks already exist, Mgolodela believes Unorthodox brings something different to the table.

“I think that people are becoming increasingly annoyed by the perfect illusion created by mainstream social media,” Mgolodela said.

“Unorthodox is giving users a fresh alternative to be their true selves and to express their truth in ways that Facebook and Instagram don’t allow.”

The website aims to connect people from all walks of life and show that you are not alone in your feelings or opinions.

“I want people to realise that we are more alike than we are different.”


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