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Ingrid Heÿdenrÿch

Stellenbosch University (SU) announced today that there will be fee increases in 2018.

The increases will be applied differently to current and future students.

There will be an 8% baseline increase of study fees for current undergraduate and postgraduate students. New students from 2018 will pay differentiated fees, which will have varying additional increases per faculty.

Accommodation fees will increase with 9,2% and meal quotas in residences will increase with 8%.

According to the statement that was released by the university on their website today, the objective of the 8% fee increase is “to ensure  the institution’s long-term financial sustainability, world-class academic qualifications and research output, and to ensure a consistent and significant positive impact on society.”

The statement also said that SU remains committed to support the “financially needy, academically deserving students.”

According to the statement the differentiated approach that will be implemented for new students from 2018 will allow financial support to academically deserving poor students, which will be linked to their combined annual household income.

Prof Wim de Villiers, rector and vice-chancellor of SU, said that SU’s bursaries will be “aligned with increases in tuition and accommodation fees.”

Click here to read the university’s full statement. 

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