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Vuyokazi Hlwatika

Amnesty International is a global human rights movement founded in the United Kingdom in 1961.

Since then, the organisation has grown to 7 million members in 159 countries across the globe.

When Amnesty International South Africa (AISA) sought to increase its membership this year, Stellenbosch University responded to the call.

Our interim committee worked tirelessly from April to September representing Stellenbosch at various meetings in Johannesburg, running sign-up days and most recently, hosting executive committee elections.

What drew me to Amnesty is the active participation I’ve seen on different campuses, the clear stance it takes on issues of human rights and the quality of its human rights reports.

As the social impact HK in my residence and a soon-to-be Presidents Award Gold recipient, service is close to my heart. I believe that each of us on this campus has the capacity to positively and tangibly impact the lives of others – which is exactly what this chapter aims to do. Since this is our first term, there is no blueprint on how to make this society flourish and although it is a tad bit daunting it’s also what makes this society so exciting to work with.

I’d like to encourage everyone who has not yet done so to seize this opportunity to sign-up using the link on our Facebook page.

The executive committee will be meeting for the first time on Thursday and we’d love to hear your ideas on what kind of projects you’d like the chapter to undertake.

Yours in Service.

Hlwatika is the chairperson of Amnesty International Stellenbosch.

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