Campus Closet: Huisdans Edition

Nina Fouché 

Huisdans fever is slowly spreading through Stellenbosch. Never mind the bottomless wine and killer dance moves – the most exciting part of Huisdans is of course who wore what. Die Matie breaks down some of this season’s popular Huisdans trends.

Anything velvet goes.

This rich and luxe fabric was seen everywhere during the F/W New York fashion week. Black is always a safe colour but if you’re feeling bold opt for oxblood red or soft pink as was seen on Jason Wu and Dion Lee’s runways. Velvet dresses, or even suits, ask for simple shoes and accessories with minimal attention being drawn away from the fabric. Simple necklines and A-line cuts allow for a classic and effortless look.

Why just wear one?

It seems the classic Huisdans dress has been cut in half with some very trendy scissors. Think Hailey Baldwin and Laura Osnes at this year’s Met Gala. Separate skirts with crop

tops or bralettes are very popular this season. This trend allows for a lot of experimentation. Skirts are knee-length, A-line or voluminous and can range from floral, satin and, of course, velvet. Beautiful craftwork such as embroidery or beading are popular for the top half of the attire.

The bigger the better.

An influx of big, dramatic earrings has been seen in Zara and Lovisa stores. Forget minimalist touches, as more is more with this trend. Earrings are big, bold and

audacious featuring different gemstones and feathers. If you’re feeling extra daring follow Alexander McQueen’s advice and ignore all laws of symmetry and balance. Two earrings that are only similar in material or wearing only one earring has been noted on the 2017 S/S runways. Hands are adorned with similar extravagant rings.

Classy toes

Men usually don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to formal wear. Classic leather shoes were noticeable on most of 2017’s red carpets. Informal shoes like sneakers is always a risk, take Jason Sudeikis at this year’s Golden Globes for example. If you’re sick of the normal male Huisdans look, try experimenting with bow ties or pocket squares as Presley Gerber and Ryan Reynolds did at this year’s Met Gala.

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