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Luke Smith

Sometime last year Craig Roxburgh and Dominique Lea were dreaming about an event that could really tap into their love for the Emo subculture that arose in the mid-2000’s.

They dreamt of Fall Out Boy and Blink 182 blaring through speakers and heads banging and people grooving to one of the most underrated genres of music of all time.

Almost a full year later, the two of them have successfully held five Emo nights at various venues in Cape Town, including Manila Bar, Hectic on Hope and Mercury, drawing people from all walks of life and uniting them through a common love for mid-2000’s Emo punk music.

Emo Nights in South Africa have been largely inspired by the Emo Night franchise all around the world with the team even being in contact with Emo Night Brooklyn who acted as a mentor to some degree.

The Emo Night team has been consistently growing and expanding, and the first ever Emo night in Stellenbosch will be on 6 May 2017 at Aandklas.

Both Craig and Dominique are students at Stellenbosch and have been pressured into hosting one of their Emo nights for a while due to the overwhelming demand for variety in Stellenbosch’s nightlife.

The Emo night team has organised an awesome line-up that includes indie rock band Forefront, punk rock outfit Past Haunts as well as Emo Nights resident mid-2000’s Emo kid, DJ Criboi, who promises to keep you dancing all night long.

Emo Nights follow a strict mandate that states that all performers must have a 50/50 split of original music and classic

Emo covers by bands such as My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday in order to guarantee a killer playlist throughout the whole evening.

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